Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 - Live shows

Transformers : Revenge of the fallen - LA Premier

Proshot (Jimmy Kimmel Show)

Sorce 2 [MTV]

1.What i've Done
3.Bleed it out
4.New Divide


1.What i've done (AMBO Intro)
2.Faint (extended outro)
3. Numb
4. In The End
5. Bleed It Out
6. New Divide

Other Notes: LP:BR made a DVD Which will be uploaded on Demand. It includes Backstage footage.


Athens, Greece [21.07.09]

01.Session [Link]
01.Given Up
02.From The Inside [Link]
03.Somewhere i belong [Link]
04.No More Sorrow [Link]
05.Lying from you [Link]
06.Points of Authority [Link]
07.What i've done [Link]
08.Leave out all the rest [Link]
09.Numb [Link]
09.Breaking the habit
10.Crawling [Link]
11.In the end [Link]
12.Bleed it out [Link]
13.New Divide [Link]
14.Faint [Link]
15.One Step closer [Link]

Show Notes :
  • Second show of the 2009 Euro/Asia Tour.
  • 'Petrified' verse 1 was over 'Points Of Authority'. Mike debuted verse 1 of 'A Place For My Head' over the outro.

Video Notes:

  • Shadow of the day is missing.
  • One of the best audience recording.

Summer Sonic

New Divide
Shadow of the day

Download here




MTVU Festival:


Letterman Show:


Tony Hawk Show:


Crawl Back In
Morning After
Let Down
Walking In Circles
Too Late
End Of The World
Inside Of Me
My Suffering
20 Eyes (The Misfits cover)

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Live @ Pro7


Jimmy Kimmel Show:


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