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Acid Punk

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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Site on break + Acid Punk

The site will be on break till 15th March. There will no updates but we will try to update you
guys though Twitter.

And please help us promote this Upcoming Band called "Acid Punk". join there street team on our home page. Go to there Official site for more details and tips to promote. Be first to support this great new band.

Thank you.


Mike Shinoda - VMA Score

Download Here

Finally we have the full and all tracks.


01. Hive
02. Teletronic
04. Catharsis
05. Saturday
06. Montreal
07. Selector
08. A.15
09. Hype
10. Madison

Prediction: Track 3 is Hive and the Track 1 is 100 Degree mistitled.
The missing track should be up soon.


Happy Birthday Mike || Not Alone Music Video

Its 11th Feb, The Glue is 33 now.
Happy Birthday From LPDepartment Mike.


Here is the Music Video for "Not Alone"




New Album Math

My post from a couple days ago seemed to get a lot of traffic out there on the web. It seemed that pushing a tentative date back further (tentatively) got the LP fanbase all riled up. But the 200+ comments and peripheral noise got me thinking: what does it all mean? I decided to figure it out. The most obvious way to create logic out of it? Algebra has always seemed very logical to me…

A lot of you seemed to want us to take our time in the studio, stressing that quality (Q) is more important than release date (D). Others disagreed, arguing that releasing sooner (D) should be put above the other (Q). Next, some argued that Linkin Park quality is multiplied by time (so time is “T”). Others argued time doesn’t affect the quality (no “T”). I guessed that the soonest this year we could get an album out would be March(3). The latest this year would be December(12)…So I believe that makes the equation:

Q(T)/D(12) = D(3)/Q

On the left, quantity and time over the latest possible 2010 release (12th month); on the right the soonest possible release (3, meaning March) over quantity times the LP quality”X” factor. What I really wanted to know was how much time you wanted us to take (T)

Balancing this equation out (and crossing the reoccurring variables)…you get T/12=3. That means T=36.

So it looks like you guys figured it out for us. What you’re telling us is that you want a new album out in December 2012. That gives us a ton of time. Thanks for the help, guys.

From :

What do guys think.?



Dead By Sunrise Proshots:

1.Tony Hawk Show
2.Letterman Show
3.MtvU Festival
4.Live @ Pro7
5.Jimmy Kimmel


LPDepartment Forum V.2 Is Here:

The Forum has now been updated.
the changes and new features are:

3.Arcade Feature
5.New Smiles and Icons
6.Avatar can be uploaded
7.Quick Reply

What do you think?


DBS Winter Tour / Brad and Mike on Loveline:

Dead By Sunrise is heading towards Asia and UK.

28 Jan 2010 20:00 - Shibuya AX Tokyo

30 Jan 2010 20:00 - Huashan 1914 Creative Park Taipei

19 Feb 2010 20:00 - HMV Forum London

20 Feb 2010 20:00 - VK Brussels

21 Feb 2010 20:00 - Melkweg Amsterdam

23 Feb 2010 20:00 - Volkhaus Zurich

24 Feb 2010 20:00 - Tonhalle Munich

25 Feb 2010 20:00 - E-Werk Koln

27 Feb 2010 20:00 - Huxleys Berlin

28 Feb 2010 20:00 - Docks Hamburg


Brad and Mike will be on Loveline tomorrow! Be sure to tune in!


Download To Donate:

Some of the biggest names in music have joined forces for DOWNLOAD TO DONATE FOR HAITI, a star-studded recovery effort to aid the devastated nation of Haiti following the magnitude-7.0 earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince on January 12.

Working with Music For Relief, Linkin Park, Lupe Fiasco/Kenna (collaboration produced by Mike Shinoda), Alanis Morissette, The All-American Rejects, Dave Matthews Band, Enrique Iglesias, Hoobastank, Kenna (track co-produced by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and The Neptunes’ Chad Hugo), Peter Gabriel and Slash have all graciously donated never-before-released music to help raise funds and promote awareness of the recovery efforts. Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One created the project’s artwork.

"Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti,” said Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington. “We pray that this initiative provides some relief and support to the survivors and hope we inspire our fans, friends and families to make donations as well.”

DOWNLOAD TO DONATE FOR HAITI provides fans with the opportunity to download a collection of exclusive songs by their favorite artists and then donate funds on a purely voluntary basis. Each download is a donation. Fans can download the unreleased songs at and via the websites of each participating artist.

“We're encouraging people to give what they can,” says guitar legend Slash. “There’s no right or wrong amount. The people of Haiti are in desperate need of food, fresh water, shelter and medical supplies and every little bit helps.”

Mike Shinoda will appear on CNN’s “Larry King Live” on Tuesday, January 19 to discuss the project.

100% of funds received will go directly to the Haiti efforts. In partnership with the UN Foundation’s Central Emergency Response Fund, Habitat for Humanity, and Dave Matthews BAMA Works Haitian relief efforts, Music for Relief is working to support immediate relief with food, water and emergency medical supplies as well as long-term sustainable housing solutions for the people affected by this catastrophic natural disaster.

This is a magic moment in time, when technology, coupled with generosity, talent, and ingenuity has created a unique opportunity to do something positive through the power of music.




8-Bit Rebellion:

Many years ago, the world existed in 8-bit harmony...until PixxelKorp arrived. Now, underground forces are assembling to undo the evil corporation's mass-brainwashing campaign. You may be our only hope to lead the rebellion to victory.
Linkin Park's groundbreaking new game "8-BIT REBELLION" is on the way. Create your own character, explore each band member’s unique district in the Linkin Park world, and play together in real-time with your friends from around the globe. Fight in the rebellion to unlock tracks that come together to form a BRAND NEW, UNRELEASED LINKIN PARK SONG!



The Song for Haiti is not the song for 8Bit. There will be an OTHER new song of the game.
The game will be out soon. may be in first week of February. Mike said," We are having the game, we are currently testing it and making final changes."


Fort Minor site is going on a break, can there be a new FM recording on its way?



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